The Mindset to Change Your Life’s Direction, w/ John Brontsema

My whole life was dedicated to baseball from an early time. People say, “Don’t put your identity,” or “You’re not a baseball player. That’s not your identity.” It really is though. While it’s not, it feels like it, because every decision I made, everything I was passionate about was baseball and achieving the next level.



Jenna Leahy – CASA Academy | Episode 29 #theSKYLERIRVINEshow

Jenna Leahy is a philanthropic leader who has developed a charter school for underprivileged children in the valley. CASA Academy allows these children a fair chance at education, even if their families can’t afford it. Her certifications lie in Elementary and Early Childhood Instruction, but her passion is undoubtably with helping children live to their greatest potential.

Jenna was recognized on this years Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and she is a Scripps College and TFA alumna. Jenna has raised $1.1 million in grants and donations and has acquired over $720,000 in scholarships for her graduating students. CASA is part of the New Schools for Phoenix incubator program. Jenna is a true leader and her drive and passion to help others has led to new and exciting opportunities for children and their families.

CASA Academy

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