The Mindset to Change Your Life’s Direction, w/ John Brontsema

My whole life was dedicated to baseball from an early time. People say, “Don’t put your identity,” or “You’re not a baseball player. That’s not your identity.” It really is though. While it’s not, it feels like it, because every decision I made, everything I was passionate about was baseball and achieving the next level.



Are Instagram Hashtags Dead, Moderating Facebook Groups and Finding the Best Mentors (#AskSkylerLive 45)

On this episode of #AskSkylerLive, we are discussing the impending death of hashtags on Instagram, how to best moderate your Facebook Groups and the best ways to find top mentors.

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“Are Instagram hashtags dead? No, but they are in a coma and on life support” – Skyler Irvine

Questions from #AskSkylerLive Episode 45:

1:58 – Are Instagram Hashtags Dead?

4:42 – When moderating Facebook groups, how do you manage people constantly pitching their companies?

7:33 – How do you find a mentor?

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