The Mindset to Change Your Life’s Direction, w/ John Brontsema

My whole life was dedicated to baseball from an early time. People say, “Don’t put your identity,” or “You’re not a baseball player. That’s not your identity.” It really is though. While it’s not, it feels like it, because every decision I made, everything I was passionate about was baseball and achieving the next level.



Bringing Value To Others, Building A Brand, Motivation Turning Into Obsession, Staying Consistent, & Starting A Niche Podcast

Questions from #AskSkylerLive Episode 21:

  1. Do you recommend building a brand even if you’re a “behind the scenes” character?
  2. What’s the best way to approach or bring value to someone who runs a podcast you’d like to be on? – Dan Cummings
  3. Joshua Rowe on Facebook: When does motivation turn into obsession and decreased productivity for you? And how do you manage that balance?
  4. Xiaoxi Chu Froemming on Facebook: How do you stay consistent?
  5. Ashley Law on Facebook: You do such a great job of covering many topics and interests on your podcast. Do you have any advice for someone interested in starting their own podcast that might be pretty specific? Such as body confidence/body love?

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