The Mindset to Change Your Life’s Direction, w/ John Brontsema

My whole life was dedicated to baseball from an early time. People say, “Don’t put your identity,” or “You’re not a baseball player. That’s not your identity.” It really is though. While it’s not, it feels like it, because every decision I made, everything I was passionate about was baseball and achieving the next level.



Why Every Kid Should Have a YouTube Channel (#AskSkylerLive 41)

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Yet another great episode of #AskSkylerLive!!! For this episode your favorite full time YouTubers and long time friends of mine, Dee and Jerry LaVigne stop by the studio to discuss all things YouTube, Social Media and what it takes to be successful in your business through social media platforms, especially YouTube. We also talk about why EVERY kid should have their own YouTube Channel.

Today’s Questions:

1. How do you feel about kids on YouTube and Social Media?

2. Should I save up for a good phone or a good camera?

3. Is YouTube too saturated? Can new people still start and win or should they try to be the first on the “next” platform?

More About Our Guests: Jerry & Dee LaVigne:

Jerry and Dee LaVigne are a happily married couple from Louisiana, living here in Arizona! They have two beautiful children Jerry and Jordan. As a family they are full-time YouTubers, inviting you to follow their journey.

They currently have 8 active YouTube Channels

  • LaVigne Living
    • There main channel where they document most of their day-to-day living.
  • Dee LaVigne
    • Where you will find all things fashion, shopping, style, and beauty:
  • Mr. & Mrs. LaVigne
    •  Primarily a channel where the couple plays pranks on one another:
  • Gaming Outchea
    •  An ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) channel where Jerry plays video games and creates relaxing ASMR videos:
  • Queen Dee Foodie
    •  A channel where Dee posts videos about living a balanced lifestyle, eating healthy and occasionally having some treats:
  •  Jerry
    • A channel that is basically all Jerry all the time!
  • Jerry & Jordan
    •  Healthy eating and family fun with their kids.
  • Little LaVignes
    • A channel documenting their kids Jerry and Jordan opening toys, surprise eggs and going on adventures.

You can also find the LaVignes on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter