The Mindset to Change Your Life’s Direction, w/ John Brontsema

My whole life was dedicated to baseball from an early time. People say, “Don’t put your identity,” or “You’re not a baseball player. That’s not your identity.” It really is though. While it’s not, it feels like it, because every decision I made, everything I was passionate about was baseball and achieving the next level.



‘Made with Love’ Founders Cody Waltz & Maribeth Sublette

Episode 97

Episode 97 of The Skyler Irvine Show with the founders of Made With Love Cody Waltz and Maribeth Sublette. Maribeth and Cody both started and currently run local e-commerce websites with very strong communities on Instagram and Facebook.

This year, they came together to create an event in the physical world which unites other local e-commerce brands to encourage and help each other overcome obstacles and also to raise awareness within the community of all the amazing brands built locally.

Cody and Maribeth are a wealth of knowledge in the e-commerce space, both starting at the bottom with no knowledge other than what they could learn on YouTube and trial and error.

This is my first episode back after a 3 week hiatus and I had a ton of fun talking and learning from these very intelligent women. I really hope you find the time to listen to this one and reach out to them if you can.

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More About These Awesome Guests!


Cody Waltz

Company/Brand: Organic Baby Love and Made with Love Market Gilbert

Title at Business: Co-Owner of Made with Love Gilbert, Owner of Organic Baby Love

What’s your favorite movie? Bridesmaids, obviously

Do you have any upcoming events/products launching that you would like to promote?

Our Made with Love Market is every other weekend in Heritage Marketplace in Downtown Gilbert. Our next market date is October 13th from 8am-12pm. I’m about to do some re-branding for my Organic Baby Love business so stay tuned for that exciting news!

Hometown: Pinetop, Arizona


First Job: The first job I ever held was hemming pants in high school. Coincidentally that ended up being right in line with what I started doing for my first business, sewing baby clothes although thankfully I don’t have to use starch all day for organic baby clothes. I should have probably listened to what I enjoyed doing before going to grad school a few times and getting a couple of degrees in teaching that I didn’t end up using long term.


Favorite AZ restaurant: My favorite AZ restaurant has to be Pomegranate Cafe because my husband and I are vegan and they have the BEST food. We also love taking our son hiking and just being outside up in the mountains where I grew up.


Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today?: Someone who has had a major impact on the person I am today has to be my brother Kyle. He’s younger than me but he’s always set me straight when I needed it, is the most patient guy, and is a trailblazer who follows his passions and I admire that trait in him more than anything.


What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career?

I can’t recall any HUGE mistakes I’ve made in my business but probably the ones I regret are more along the lines of not stepping out of my comfort zone a little more when participating in activities with other businesses. I’ve been able to make so many amazing connections and friends, like Maribeth for example, and I wish I had pushed myself a little more in that area a couple years ago.


The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome: The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome and maybe I’m still working at, is having the doubt from other people get to your head. It’s easy to let the negativity of others cross into your own thoughts but it’s always worth it to stay focused and believe in yourself.


Someone who inspires you and why? As cheesy as it may sound that my business partner inspires you, I have to say Maribeth. Maribeth is someone who everyone wants to be friends with because she’s got the warmest and kindest demeanor about her. She’s confident and she’s an amazing role model as a mother and friend and I’m lucky to call her my business partner.


Favorite quote?

“At this point in my life, if it’s not making me money, making me better, or making me happy, then I don’t have time for it.” 😀 I’m constantly asking myself if what I’m doing is making me a better person or making me happy. Money is a bonus but if I’m not happy, I don’t do it anymore.


Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do? My advice would be to just believe in yourself and take the leap. There will always be people who doubt you or don’t believe you can be successful but the hardest part is the scariest part and that’s just making the first step to start your business. It’s a hard, long journey, but it’s ultimately the most satisfying and it’s so important to listen to the voice inside of you telling you what to do. Find what makes you happy and then do that.


Which social media platform(s) do you want people to reach you at and what is your handle? You can reach my personal business handle at @organicbabylove or our market handle at @madewithlovegilbert


Maribeth Sublette

Company/Brand: LALAthreads (personal) and Made with Love Markets (with my partner Cody Waltz)

Title at Business: Owner

What’s your favorite movie? Mean Girls

Do you have any upcoming events/products launching that you would like to promote?

2018 Events

  • Made with Love Gilbert- Oct. 13, 27, Nov 24th, Dec 8th and 15th 8am-12pm
  • Off the Street Festival- Nov 2nd and 3rd
  • Gilbert Days Made with Love Event- Nov 17th 10:30-2:30
  • 2019 Events
  • Made with Love Gilbert- Jan 12, 26th, Feb 9th and 23rd, March 9th and 23rd, April 13th and 27th
  • Mom Made Market Phoenix- Date TBA


Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

First Job: My best friend and I started our own business when we were 10. We babysat together and were very proud of our business cards.

My first real job was as a lifeguard for the Town of Gilbert.


Favorite AZ restaurant: La’s Thai in Scottsdale. They’re a family owned restaurant. The mom and dad cook, and their daughters are waitresses. Everything they make is incredible, and they make every customer feel at home.


Who is someone that has had a major impact in the person you are today?

Personally, my mom. She’s an incredible mother, and balanced so much when we were growing up. She showed me that it is possible to juggle ten different hats and still put your kids and family first.


Professionally, my students. I learned so much about grit, determination, and life from them. I look at the world so much differently now than I did before I taught.


What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career?

I once designed, printed, and marketed a shirt with a typo on it. The shirt was supposed to say “golf RUINED my life”. Instead, it said “golf RUNIED my life”. I mentally “fixed” the error in my head every time I looked at it, and obviously never caught it. My husband and I had a pretty good laugh over it when he called and told me about the mistake he caught on the shirt I was advertising on Instagram. I still have a “ruined” shirt that I wear around the house. It still makes me laugh.


The biggest obstacle you’ve overcome:

This is a little personal, but probably postpartum anxiety. Trying to juggle staying at home with two kids, running two businesses and attempting to be a good wife, friend, and sister was nearly impossible with the anxiety. I am so proud of myself for finally swallowing my pride and talking to my OB about my mental health.


Someone who inspires you and why?

Dr. John Shufeldt. I was lucky enough to work for him after I left teaching. He is an emergency room physician, lawyer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, pilot, and an amazing mentor. It is because of his influence in my life that I had the guts to start my first business. He taught me that failure is not something to fear, but rather, something to be proud of. If I failed, it meant that I actually tried to succeed, rather than just sit on the sidelines because I was too afraid to take a risk.

Favorite quote?

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss


Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do?

Trust your gut.


Which social media platform(s) do you want people to reach you at and what is your handle?

Instagram @LALAthreads