The Mindset to Change Your Life’s Direction, w/ John Brontsema

My whole life was dedicated to baseball from an early time. People say, “Don’t put your identity,” or “You’re not a baseball player. That’s not your identity.” It really is though. While it’s not, it feels like it, because every decision I made, everything I was passionate about was baseball and achieving the next level.



Russ Perry, CEO/Founder of Design Pickle (#107)

? Welcome to The Skyler Irvine Show ? Today Skyler is joined with the CEO/Founder of Design Pickle, Russ Perry! ?

Russ Perry started Design Pickle to change the world of graphic design. He wanted to optimize production for the consumer and change the experience for designers. Learn how he manages an international team, what tools he uses, and how he learned to drive brand awareness. ?

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In This Episode:

” No matter what wondering road I’m on, I always come back to Design Pickle.”

– Russ Perry

Do you have any upcoming events/products launching that you would like to promote?

Yes! Our conference – Picklecon – – a personal development conference for the creative entrepreneur.

What is your most memorable mistake you have made in your business or career?

More than likely during my struggle with alcohol and allowing that addiction to enter my life. I found myself isolated, alone, and making decisions no normal person would. After hitting rock bottom in 2011/2012 – I realized things had to change and it put my on the course to sobriety and investing in myself, growing and becoming the leader, father and husband I am proud to be today.

Show Notes:

– What is Design Pickle?

– How did Design Pickle get its name?

– Unlimited Branding

– Why should you start an international team?

– What are some hurdles when working with an international employees?

– What tools are best when communicating with international employees?

– What is Slack?

– What are the most common design projects?

– Podcasting – How to drive brand awareness

– Apps and Softwares for businesses

– Who are ideal clients?

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